Susan Brown: Blog en-us (C) Susan Brown (Susan Brown) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:44:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:44:00 GMT Susan Brown: Blog 87 120 Arena Just returned from Arena Seminar. What a super week end. For me the star was Paul Kenny with his inspirational images and incredibly artistic workflow.


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Exhibition Announcements

Mistresses of Light brings together a selection of evocative images in an exhibition celebrating the art of landscape photography created by emerging and established women artists.

Drawing their inspiration from the land and the sea, the showcased images seek to capture the feel of the fleeting moments created by the special quality of light in nature. Having an affair with the unsurpassed light in the landscape, all the artists are not only mistresses of imagery, but also great supporters of creative and imaginative techniques. The exhibition unites a range of styles and artistic interpretations, from classic grand views, through intimate details abundant in nature’s riches, to painterly and abstract images delicately conveying the beauty to be found within the landscape.

Exploring landscapes and pushing the boundaries of classic and progressive photography has resulted in an inspiring exhibition of traditional film work alongside digitally enhanced imagery. This ambitious exhibition not only presents personal takes on landscapes, it also emphasises the importance of photography in contemporary art.

Contributing Photographers

Sue Bishop        

Susan Brown    

Karen Frenkel   

Charlotte Gilliatt

Cheryl Hamer   

Deborah Hughes

Asmita Kapadia 

Marianthi Lainas

Sarah Medway 

Beata Moore     

Vanda Ralevska

Rachael Talibart

Linda Wevill       



I shall no longer be taking on lectures unless I can travel there and back in an evening. Sorry but the travelling has just become too much.



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