Permajet supply superb range of printing paper suitable for serious the photographer
wanting fine art results. Also paper available for more general purpose.

Arena Photographers
A diverse group of enthusiastic photographers of which I am proud to be a member.

Make Southwest
A group of artists working in many disciplines from ceramics, weaving, jewellery and many others,
including Photographers. I am pleased to be a Member of this organisation, and Curator of 'Responding to Light'- the diversity of modern photography exhibition 2023.

A group of multidisciplinary artists of which I am a Member.

Professional Photographer
Great photo magazine.

Advanced Photographer 
An inspirational Magazine with lots of ideas and tips.

Valda Bailey A friend and inspirational photographer  www.valdabmaccom

Royal Photographic Society

METRO Imaging An enormous help to me setting up solos exhibition at The Devon Guild Showcase.

Here is the details for my Audio Visual on Global Warming