Susan Brown FRPS | Salt Water Tidal Sea Pools

This had been a 2 - 3 year project visiting several Sea Pools in the UK and also in Australia. I think my interest stems from my former years in photography having been spent in cities with graphic structures and strong dynamic lines. On the coast these sea pools have the geometry of cities but in the ever changing landscape of the seas, affected by tides, wind and light.
The Pool - monoLane SwimmingSwimmer in the RainDreamer on the EdgeSea Staircase - BudeGone Swimming - PenzanceSteps to the Pool - PenzanceWarnings - Shoalstone Pool BrixhamThe Filling Pool - BrixhamThe Zig Zag - BrixhamRed Handles - Main Pool MargateCornwall, Sea Pool, High Tide, Coastal, Bude, Fine ArtThe Green Light - BudePure and SimpleFoam - Wild day at BudeShining LightLighting the LighthouseWay in to the Shallow EndSteps to the Deep EndJust Looking