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Sometimes there is a need to move on. I have always carried a heavy bag and a tripod. This gallery is called freedom as there are times to have the freedom to just carry one camera, lens and no tripod. Multiple exposures are fascinating me so just having fun with my new found FREEDOM.
Filigree Trees ReflectedOverhanging Branches and BrackenPoolside 111Poolside 11Poolside 1The FamilyBrighton BluesPier WallSeagullTriptych Dawlish Railway Line and Surrounding SeasTriptych PoolsideTriptych Shoalstone Pool, BrixhamTriptych - Poppies amongst the MarigoldsME in the Woods.Sand Dune and Bunker - InvertedMoving Reeds in the Water GleamDividing LinesEnchanted Woods - MonoMeadow by the Lake 111Wild Flowers by the Lake